B E-Liquids by P Busardo Liquidpods presents a line-up of sophisticated yet approachable flavors in the convenient 1.6ml prefilled pods that are utilized with the My Von Erl (sold separately). Each pack includes two prefilled 1.6ml Liquidpods in the selected flavor and strength.

Product Features:
  • Prefilled Liquidpod System
    • 1.6ml Capacity
  • Plug and Play Atomizer
    • Gold Plated Connections
      • Proprietary Connection
  • Compatible with Von Erl My Von Erl ONLY

Flavor Offerings:
  • Peach Watermelon
    • Peach and Watermelon
  • Strawberry Pastry
    • Baked Strawberry Treat
  • Mint Tobacco
    • Cool and Earthy Tobacco
  • Coconut Vanilla
    • Smooth and Sweet Coconut touched with Vanilla
  • Almond Coffee
    • Light and Delicious Almond Infused Light Roasted Coffee