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Cthulhu Mods Cthulhu Pro Coil Jig and Clamp System is the most comprehensive coiling set available on the market today, feature a fully fledged suite of tools purpose built to easily create consistent coils, with 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm coiling rods that offer a great range of coil set-ups. Included within each system are four coiling rods with a stepped design that allow for more accurate and consistent coil wrapping. Each rod is magnetically secured to the base cylinder, providing a convenient tool-less yet strong assembly. The base cylinder features a thumb screw attachment system which can be further tightened with the included hex key, designed to attach wire leads securely prior to coiling while doubling as a convenient storage system for the coiling rods. Two sets of coiling cylinders with specifically designed screws are included to match between the four different rod diameters, improving the overall fit and accuracy during coiling. A specially designed coil cylinder is also included with 8 slots that, depending on how the user threads and positions wires, allow for twisted, parallel, stapled and framed stapled coils. Each cylinder features soft knurling to provide a comfortable grip during use. Additionally, a table clamp is provided that strongly secures the jig system designed for use in one handed operations or configurations that require two hands to assemble. The ultimate in coil jig systems, the Cthulhu Mods Cthulhu Pro Coil Jig and Clamp is the premiere accessory for dedicated builders, intuitively designed for even the most demanding purposes.

Product Features:
  • Ultra Comprehensive Coil Jig System
    • Four Rod Set
      • 2.5mm
      • 3.0mm
      • 3.5mm
      • 4.0mm
      • Stepped Design for More Accurate Assembly
    • Two Piece Coiling Cylinder Set
      • Matches with Rod Diameters
      • Soft Knurling
    • Twisted and Complex Coil Cylinder
      • 8 Slots
      • Easily Make Twisted, Parallels, Stapled and Framed Stapled Coils
      • Soft Knurling
    • Magnetically Attached Base Cylinder
      • Thumb Screwed Wire Locker
        • Securely Attach Wire
      • Thumb Screwed Collar Clamp
      • Magnetized Rod Base
        • Simply Attach and Detach
      • Threaded Base
        • Conveniently Store Coiling Rods
      • Soft Knurling
    • Table and Jig Clamp
      • Secures Coil Jig System for One Handed Operation
      • Increased Stability During Coiling Operation

Product Includes:
  • One Cthulhu Mod Pro Coil Jig System
  • One Table and Jig Clamp
  • One Hex Key
  • User Manual