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The dotmod Inc Petri V2 Cloud Edition Two Post RDA is the full stainless chassis version of the Petri V2 that adds additional airflow as well as integrating three terminals per post to create the most vapor centric Petri system released thus far. Measuring 22mm in diameter, the Petri V2 Cloud Edition features a two post design with expanded functionality, integrating three terminals per post. The central terminal measures 3mm in diameter, with enough capacity to hold complex, clapton sized leads. Additionally, dual 1.5mm terminals are positioned directly above each central terminal on each post to allow for even more coil versatility. dotmod's Signature custom machined knurled screws feature a large surface area alongside a Phillips top that allows users to either finger or tool tighten, while the flat bottom surface fits snugly against the interior of each post for improved conductivity. The deck of the Petri V2 is covered by PEEK, which minimizes heat transfer to the 510 insulator to improve durability and performance under high heat output. The Petri V2 features a classic three piece assembly with the Cloud Edition featuring full Stainless Steel construction for added durability and a higher quality feel. The Cloud Edition features expanded airflow, with three 2.5mm diameter airholes arranged in a triangular pattern per side, providing ample and efficient direct to chamber airflow. Included with each set are three delrin drip tip sleeves (black, clear, and white) that users can install depending on style preference, surrounding the proprietary 9mm diameter bore drip tip.

Product Features:
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Builder Friendly Two Post Design
    • Three Terminals Per Post
      • 3mm Central Terminal
      • Dual 1.5mm Auxiliary Terminals
    • Allows for a Huge Variety of Coil Structure Compatibility
    • Custom Machined Knurled Screws
      • Larger Surface Area
      • Tool or Hand Tighten
        • Phillips Keyed
      • Flat Bottom for Secureness
    • PEEK Covered Deck
      • Minimizes Heat Transfer to Insulator
      • Heat Resistant
      • High Performance Orientated
  • Three Piece Assembly
    • Barrel
      • Stainless Steel
    • Beveled Top Cap
      • Airflow Travels Smoothly to Drip Tip Section
  • Triple 2.5mm Airholes Airflow
    • Per Side
    • Triangular Arrangement
  • Includes Three Drip Tip Sleeves
    • White, Clear, and Black Delrin
    • 9mm Bore
    • Double O-Ring Sealed
    • Built into Top Cap
      • Proprietary Use
  • 24K Gold Plated 510 Connection

Product Includes:
  • One dotmod Petri V2 Cloud Edition RDA
  • Three Drip Tip Sleeves
    • White, Clear, and Black Delrin
  • Spare O-Rings and Hex Key
  • Spare Screws
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • dotmod Display and Carry Box