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Hilo Vapor's Hilo Ultra Portable Pod System is the newest entry in one of the hottest market segments of the season and is designed as a full range system with an astounding 10 milliliter pod system backed by a considerable 1700 mAh rechargeable battery. Manufactured out of high quality Aluminum Alloy with a textured coating, the Hilo features softly rounded curves intended to fit comfortably within the hand. Integrated within the base of the chassis is a rechargeable 1700 mAh battery that can be charged at a maximum current of 1A, combining all day range with minimal downtime during charging. The Hilo is controlled via a single button, making general use and handling convenient and easy, with five LED indicators located directly below the switch that provide battery life feedback. Output is based off of a direct voltage style, with a rated wattage range of 5 to 40W dependent on the battery state. The Hilo Pod System features a class leading 10 milliliter capacity, providing unparalleled range as compared to other pod based systems, and is available in a wide range of flavor profiles. The Hilo Pod system utilizes a proprietary plug and play connection, with each pod integrating a self contained drip tip. Designed as currently the longest range Pod based system, Hilo Vapor's Hilo is an excellent addition to any vaper's rotation, combining incredible capacity, considerable battery life, and an intuitive single button operation.

Product Features:
  • All in One System
    • Button Activated Firing
      • Single Button Operation
  • Prefilled Hilo Pod System
    • Class Leading 10ml Capacity
      • 6mg Nicotine Strength
        • One Included Per Kit
      • 0.25 ohm Resistance
    • Large Airflow
  • Plug and Play Connection
    • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
  • Direct Voltage Output
    • Wattage Rating
      • 5 to 40W
  • 1700 mAh Built In Battery
    • 5 LED Battery Life Indicator
    • USB Charge Port
      • 1A Charging Rate
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Overtime/Short Circuit/Low Voltage Protection

Hilo Pod System:
  • h. one
    • Refreshing Mint
  • h. two
    • Sugar Cookies Dipped in Milk
  • h. four
    • Fruit Juice Blend
  • h. five
    • Creamy Tobacco

Product Dimensions:
  • 48.7,mm by 25.2mm by 102mm

    Product Includes:
    • One Hilo Portable Pod System
    • One Prefilled Pod
    • One USB Charging Cable
    • User Manual