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The Horizon Cerakoat Replacement Coil family consists of two distinct coil configurations, with the Mask coil utilizing a very unique fused flat ring system that covers the wicking surface area in a more efficient manner alongside a Clapton X3 coil that presents a highly efficient and unique heating pattern.

Coil Specifications:
  • Horizon Cerakoat Coil System
    • Full Chamber Construction
    • Direct to Drip Tip Airflow
      • 11mm Diameter Bore
    • Mask Coil
      • Fused Ring System
      • Flat Surface Area
      • 0.3 ohm
      • 40 to 70W
    • Clapton X3 Coil
      • Clapton Coil Configuration
      • 0.3 ohm
      • 30 to 60W