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The Horizon Ultima Replacement utilizes the Circulating Airflow Coil System, which utilizes an offset stacked coil design in which airflow travels through the first vertical coil then through the final coil, enabling each coil to have it's own wicking system as well as air. Currently available Ultima Replacement Coils are the 0.5 ohm and a 0.2 ohm coil, both rated for mid wattage outputs.

Coil Specifications:
  • Horizon Ultima Circulating Airflow Coil System
    • Offset Stacked Vertical Coil System
      • Airflow Travels Through Each Coil Independently
      • Concentrated Flavor Production
    • 0.5 ohm Offset
      • 30 to 50W
    • 0.2 ohm Offset
      • 30 to 55W
    • Organic Cotton Wicking
    • 11mm by 3mm Quad Wicking Ports
      • Tremendous Overall Wicking